Sunday, August 3, 2008

Radical Websites (blogs are in the right column)

These sites meet a standard of liberation theory. MAKE SUGGESTIONS in the comments section at the bottom of this page. The list will be updated regularly. Please link to this page/portal/blog to increase the rank and visibility of this information.

CRASH THE CONVENTIONS: News on the mass protests planned for the DNC & RNC.
NIHILO ZERO: a simple little page with lots of good information and links.
: THE online Green Anarchy archive. Very radical stuff. Big ideas.
PRIMITIVISM: The basics of anarcho-primitivism.
ANOTHER WAY OF KNOWING: Promoting a return to Native American tradition.
CrimethInc.: The Ex-Workers' Collective (CWC) is a decentralized anarchist collective composed of many cells which act independently in pursuit of a freer and more joyous world.
Anarchist Black Cross Network, Resistance is Global: site on incarceration, injustice, political prisoners and freedom movements worldwide.
Spirit of Freedom: Earth Liberation Prisoners exists to provide information on people imprisoned for actions in defence of the earth and its inhabitants.
Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network: an international network of groups that support people who are accused or convicted of actions taken in defense of the Earth and its inhabitants. Ecological Direct Action
In The Wake: This site is a collection of interviews, analysis, and how-tos related to peak oil, climate change, collapse, and related subjects.
Earth First! Journal: The voice of the radical environmental movement.
NO BORDER NETWORK: The no border network is a tool for all groups and grass root organizations who work on the questions of migrants and asylum seekers in order to struggle alongside with them for freedom of movement, for the freedom for all to stay in the place which they have chosen, against repression and and the many controls which multiply the borders everywhere in all countries. towards a global network of movements against borders.
Shifting Ground: The inspiration for our work lies in the direct actions taken by numerous individuals and networks embedded in the shifting ground of society and culture. Our project is to intervene skilfully, with thoughtful and creative activists, to contribute to a more liberated and ecologically balanced world. We create situations which further empower community based resistance to unsustainable futures.
Madison Infoshop: a volunteer-run resource center available to the Madison and UW community. We're a community space offering a range of resources including, but not limited to, books, magazines, videos, and topic files, from an activist perspective.


Petchi said...

Portal's politics

Tor Hershman said...

A link to free you from wasting your time one way so you can waste it another.....way.

Emilio said...

Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

good luck!! See you!

Emilio said...

Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

good luck!! See you!

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Great blog!!!
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George Vreeland Hill said...

Ideas that are not acted on, mean nothing.
Ideas with action, change the world.
Believe me, we need to change a lot of things.

George Vreeland Hill

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